I want to make 50,000 people happyI’m the type of person who enjoys doing things out of the ordinary, just to see the response. Whether it’s smiling at a person on the street or announcing that I want to change the world, I enjoy making people disconnect from their stresses and enjoy a moment of consternation, followed by happiness. Sure, I may sometimes cross into the realm of cheesy but whether they admit it or not, most people still enjoy cheesiness, if it brightens their day.

So my latest experiment involved sending out this message to 50,000 people. I hope that somewhere, somehow, it makes someone’s day better.


Remember those days when you got excited about getting a letter or an email? Right now, I want you to remember that feeling.

I’m not selling anything – I don’t even have anything to sell. I just want to make you smile for a few minutes.

Our world is so full of information, sales pitches and demands that it can be easy to get snowed under.

Right now, you’ve probably got deadlines. Bills. Work to do. You may have sadness or worries. You may be stressed. Whatever happens, you will eventually find the right path. It doesn’t have to be through a religion or a therapist or a set of rules. Find what you love and work towards it. Count the achievements, not the failures.

Whatever you’re doing right now, take a two minute break. Go back and remember a moment where you were completely, unconditionally happy. Enjoy that feeling again.

I hope you have a wonderful life,

Susannah Birch


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