I first started my venture into online writing on Hubpages and my main account now has over 5 million views. Not long after joining, I began my first website and that was followed by a second, third and thirtieth.

I run a pregnancy & baby website called Trimester Talk which receives around 500,000 views per month.

I’ve been building with WordPress for 6 years across a range of projects, including directories, auction sites, ecommerce, review sites and more.

I enjoy SEO traffic generation, finding niches and discovering how to gain attention for causes I consider important.

Social Media & Appearances

I spoke at the Walkley Foundation’s Storyology Conference in 2013 and at USQ Bookcase in 2014 on creating online content and earning online.

I love Social Media and I have 200,000 followers across platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin and more.

I enjoy sending content viral on Social Media and I’m always finding new ways to get the most views for the least work using hashtags, Pinterest friendly images and more.

I also founded the Toowoomba Wordsmiths with Emma Mactaggart and created the Toowoomba & Darling Downs Flood Photos and Info page.

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