fakeidentityalertName: Richard Martin or Earthlover or Ron or Locastro1985
Fake birth date: January 1985
Identifying Features: Strong Scottish accent on the phone
Location: Claims to live in Queensland, Australia, UK or Germany
Looks: He uses photos of a family member which he pretends are his own. He describes himself as blue eyes with blond/brown hair.

This identity has been used by a 60+ year old man between 2000 and 2015. His goal was talk to young underage girls for ‘cyber sex’, nude photographs and nude webcam.

This man will go to extremes to emotionally blackmail, intimidate and lie to girls to get what he wants. 

I had an online relationship with this man from 2002-2005. I know he talked to several other girls at the same time, some of whom he met on a teenage chatroom called Chatway. I am trying to find those other girls.

If you know this man, or have talked to him online, please contact me – it will be kept confidential unless you choose to tell anyone else. Alternatively, please contact the police directly.


Richard Martin

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