Prevention Equality

Violence and abuse has been in the news a lot lately, which is always a great thing, because it increases awareness. What saddens me is the fact that each abuse prevention minority seems to be in competition with the others.

Being a victim of abuse in a minority group does not make that person any less of a victim of abuse.

Whether you are male, female or a child, black, white, abused by a family member, an authority figure or a stranger, none of these things should minimise the abuse you’ve suffered.

There is no reason that people can’t choose a minority to fight for, while still being supportive of other minorities.

There are many statistics thrown around but the number of misinterpretations, compounded by the fact that abuse is under-reported, makes for even more confusion.

Let’s stop arguing over who has it worse and instead fight to stop anyone being a victim or perpetrator of violence.

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