I’m an activist, survivor of childhood trauma and I was catfished for 12 years. I’m preparing to publish my autobiography. I’m a writer, freelance journalist, blogger and childbirth doula. I’m a Social Media addict and I love growth helping people increase their online traffic. I founded a pregnancy website in 2012 called Trimester Talk which gets over 500,000 views/month. This year I’m taking some time off to sort out my priorities and achieve some personal goals.

I regularly share my thoughts and experiences in my blog.

I’m going to change the world – watch me.

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I have a degree in Journalism and I’m writing my first book about growing up with a mother who experienced severe bipolar psychotic episodes.

I hope it will help other children and relatives of mentally ill people.


I’m a qualified birth doula and I’m training as a postpartum doula & breastfeeding counsellor.

I’m passionate about women’s rights in childbirth because it’s an experience that effects them for a lifetime.


I build a range of websites, work on social media, blog and occasionally work with clients and small businesses in a mentoring capacity.

Most of all, I enjoy writing online to help spread information I think is important.

About My Book

During my mother’s first psychotic episode, she almost succeeded in killing me. I still have scars to this day.

I wrote a brief version of the events surrounding my childhood which touches on the major events and emotions I experienced.
Currently I’m in the process of writing an autobiographical book about the years I spent with her and how my family and I dealt with her illness, as well as my experience with being catfished and groomed online as a teenager.

Fukishima: 6 Years of Unanswered Questions

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New Technology Gives Me Anxiety

I'm always the first to sign up for beta programs online, but the thought of using a machine to pay for my parking space has me circling downtown ten times just to find an old fashioned meter. Why is the machine so far from the car? What if I break the machine? How...

Why I Feel Empowered After My Miscarriage

On January 9, 2016, I lost a baby when I was 11 weeks pregnant. It was my first miscarriage and something I'd always secretly feared, despite having two healthy daughters; how would I cope with losing a baby during pregnancy? I knew it was happening nearly a week...

6 Scary Reasons I Don’t Share My Kid’s Photos Publicly Online

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7 Reasons I don’t like MLMs & Direct Marketing Companies

Last week, yet another friend quit an a direct marketing company. After a year, she'd made $100 but after asking, I found out she'd spent far more than that getting started and got into more than enough fights in the process. Why? I could just chalk it up to the cold...

Awareness Doesn’t Change Much

Awareness is a big buzz word right now. Mental health awareness, domestic violence awareness... there are just so many things that we need to be aware of, help with, Don't get me wrong - awareness is very important and does save lives and help create change in a...